Recently the company conducting business restructuring, mainly carding products and business focus, but this adjustment is not Kanou sophisticated first, before this, there are several business restructuring, it can be said Kanou Precision is constantly adjusted in only come now.

Learning Rees category strategy will find that desire the enterprise will lead to business growth gradually loses focus. Because, enterprises in order to achieve revenue growth and profits, often provide more types of products and services, including access to other markets in different ways. Rees believes companies like cabinets, although you have order, but still find that each cabinet is always becoming more and more chaotic. So, every business seems to lose focus has always been a natural phenomenon, no intention to bring about will happen. This is the business world, “the cabinet’s Law.”

Today under review done before business restructuring, all validated “Cabinet Law” exists, and the importance of regular business sort of

First,in 2011 the adjustment of product: Metal cutting products, stamping parts processing

2009 to 2011, just over two years of economic crisis, many people are simmering a strong want to develop, we are no exception. Driven by customer demand, we began to try to provide the quantities of parts processing. Shaft cutters and stamping processed into areas where we focus on the development of our business into two groups. A corresponding set of small quantities of mechanical parts and the rule of tools, a set of corresponding quantities of processed products. Although put a lot of manpower and time, I also paid a very big effort, but the price will eventually become blocked our progress mountains. Because of mass production has been unable, long-term continuous prototyping let us waste effort. I finally decided to stop pioneering batch of metal parts processing new business.
Second,in 2012 the adjustment of product: health products metal parts, powder metallurgy bearings, plating stamping products

Third, in 2013 the adjustment of product: Pneumatic grinding tools, resin-cutting

Fluctuations in the yen, so I began to consider the yen exchange rate balance. I naively want to buy Japanese products to Chinese sales, by product into RMB. Internet was fast plus mall, I get high to get a online shopping mall, try to invest resources. This year is the key year for the construction of corporate culture, most of my energy on aspects of culture. Mall promotion unsatisfactory, and the persons they leave, is to abandon or continue? It was also very tangled. Fortunately, leaving colleagues abroad nearly a year later returned to China, I will consult with its the entire tool business as a whole package presented to him. On the one hand he needs to work just this familiar business, on the other hand, we will not let customers and partners suffer and impact. (Now the business is still well underway)
Fourth, in 2014 the adjustment of product: Optical Division: Corning Gorilla Glass, Seiki Division,ferrite less uncertain about looking for us

After corporate culture construction in June 2012 to 2013 at the end of nearly a year and a half, I think the company’s cultural framework has been basically formed. I began to have the energy and colleagues in the business above efforts. During this period, I was fortunate to know Zhang promising, and have the opportunity to invite Zhang to the company for us to explain network marketing knowledge. But he has given us the greatest assistance must not be limited network marketing methods, more that he accumulated over the years of marketing management experience. He kept telling us to be looking to differentiate, selling refined products, focus customer orientation ……., At the mention Zhang guide, we began to try more step on the product detail positioning. But then the business situation and the team’s experience, among other factors, we have to promote basic no tricks. Many of the suggestions for Zhang also Sidongfeidong, with the feeling of the business carried out minor adjustments.

Plus we have a heavy performance pressure bar on his shoulders, in their daily work to perform business focus is not satisfactory. Even so, less Gorilla Glass and Seiki Division Optoelectronics Division of it working to find our promotional effect is quite obvious. Especially in a campaign full of micro-Bo, we get a lot of exposure opportunities. It also allows us to understand the importance of the “niche” of.
As Rees puts strategy, business processes slow and hidden loses focus, company executives is difficult to see the effect immediately in the event of differentiation. Only when we look back at history to see when, unfortunately, when it was too late. In today’s competitive environment, companies want to succeed, they must maintain a sustained focus, in order to form a strong perception in the minds of potential customers. The only way to maintain a sustained focus, solve the cabinet problem is periodic medical examinations strategy, organize and trim business.
Now, we will usher in a new round of business restructuring-fujipunch, and this time the adjustment is different from previous previous. We are not adjusted to adjust, nor anyone in forcing us to adjust. The company went on a business for 10 years this node, it should be made a historical choice: we will pursue all the staff of the mission of material and spiritual well-being of both accelerated the rate of the leading brands in the market segments made for the human and social to contribute to the progress and developmen

Fujipunch is only use Fujilloy imported from Japan as material, it is processed by Toshiba and YASDA and other nano-precision machining equipment.Through the precision mold punch to service safe and reliable component manufacturing for customers in the automotive industry, contribute to human exquisite life. And to become auto parts mold ultra-carbide punch benchmark brand.

Fujipunch,Genuine material