The manufacture of the automobile can not be separated from all kinds of jigs and fixtures. In short, the fixture is used to process the workpiece quickly, so that the machine tool, tool, workpiece to maintain the correct relative position of the process equipment, but also the indispensable components of machining. But according to different classification,the auto fixture acts different roles.This article from the Kanou Precision professionals will introduce how to classify the auto fixture.

1.The firstoneis to contact with the work part directly, and determine the location and shape of the work part strictly, is to determine the work part in the fixture with the correct position, including the connector positioning, V-shaped, positioning pin and other positioning components.

2.The second is a variety of guides, which are not in direct contact with the positioning work part, but it determines the location of the components that are in direct contact with the work part.

3.The third kind of fixture components belonging to the internal structure of the fixture are matched with each other, such as the fit dimension tolerance between the components of the clamping device.

4.The fourth is not affect the work part position, nor with other components to match, such as the main body of the fixture and so on.

It is precisely because of the above characteristics of automotive fixture, making it an indispensable part of mechanical processing, in the machine tool technology to high-speed, high efficiency, precision, composite, intelligent, environmental protection direction Development, driven by fixture technology is also moving towards high precision, high efficiency, modules, combinations, general, economic direction.