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Deep drawing mould Design, fabrication, assembly

Deep drawing stamping

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He development of the China’s mode industry has attracted more and more people’s attention. About 60% to 80% spare parts in many products like electronics, cars, electrical machine, equipment, instrument, household appliances and communication device need mold forming. In recent years, manufacturing industry began to transfer into China and therefore pushed the quick development of mode industry. As a precision injection mold punch manufacturer, Kanou Precision has seen this change from the demand of orders from our customers.

Although the total amount of mold made in China is the third largest in the world, the design and manufacturer level is still quite low comparing to many countries such as Germany and America and so on. Due to the lack of independent brands, China’s auto parts mold punchindustry doesn’t have enough competitive power in the international competition market. Which is not conducive to the development of China’s mold enterprises in the global economic market. Overall, most domestic mold manufacturer companies are in a passive position in the market because they are weak in the development capacities, they have no brands and they are in poor economic returns. Enhancing the competitiveness of China’s mold industry to build its own brand has become the main problem currently facing.

To enhance our competitive strength and to build our own brands, at the same time when ultra- precision punch industry gradually upgrade their technological level, Kanou Precision has put all our attention on build a new brand of FUJIPUNCH. Great focus have been taking from the material, to the tool, to the processing equipment and testing instrument. We aimed to make a good punch and offer good powder forming mold in the near future and we believe we will be the first brand in China to offer you super-hard FUJI punch and welcome to join us! 

FUJIPUNCH® is 20 years focused on stamping die stretching techniques, we are better at custom-made drawing die,Please find us to do difficult stretch, 0.01 stamping products.We have punch machines, before mold delivery, we can stamping some products according to customer requirements, then ship the all mold to customer after  the mold is completely stable to solve your all worries.