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Precision Motor Housing

Our design team has more than 20-year Japanese-funded enterprises metal stamping die experience!In the field of automotive motor shell has a wealth of experience in stamping.

Transferable Compound Stretch

We according to the amount, material, quality requirements, from the design began to provide you with the best stamping program. More than 15 years experience in conveying compound stamping.

New Energy Car Motor

Our design team has more than 20-year Japanese-funded enterprises metal stamping die experience!Especially professional in automotive electronics or oil and so on deep stretching die.

Design Case

Deep Drawing Motor Shell

Automotive Electronics

Auto Parts


A Journey of the Stamping Mold Full Process Including Design, Machining, Assembly and Debugging

1, Professional: Fujipunch design team is 20 year experience of Japanese-funded enterprises metal stamping die, specializing in vehicle electronics, and automotive fuel others deep drawing die.

2, Tolerance: Fujipunch used to buy well-known brands Misumi for standard parts, non-standard parts will be machined by our own factory so that higher precision molds to make sure precision stamping products more secure.

3, Stability: Fujipunch provide one set of design, manufacture, assembly, debugging service, with more than 15 years of technical teams of mold assembly debugging experience for your production mold more stabilize.

Who We Serve?

Vehicle Electronics, Automotive Fuel and Other Related Parts

Motor Cars, Electric Motors, Micro-Motors

Medical equipment parts

Medical Equipment Parts

1,If you are looking for a mold to reduce the frequency of maintenance, improve the stability of stamping die manufacturer, please contact with us!

2,If you are looking for 0.01 stamping products mold, please contact with us!

3,If you want to improve productivity and cut delivery time, please contact with us!

Fujipunch not only supply you the price, but also provide a set of stamping mould solution!

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A few words from our clients

Hello Maggie,
I received your company’s mold. The product is very perfect, thank you so quickly make such a high quality mold, let us better for the perfect German customer service. Thank you again
Mr. Micheal
Hello Maggie,
I’m writing you from Poland.Do you remember me? You have made for me already some aluminium parts.Quality was very good.I am sending you CAD files for quotation.I hope it will be easier now to make it for mass production.
Mr. Marek
Hi Maggie,
I have unpacked the parts,and i am pleasantly surprised.Thank you for including the photo of the team.I wasn’t expecting that.I have it on my wall in the office.I am more than pleased with the quality of the parts.Thank you and all the team.I have some other arts to quote on so will send them soon.Have a great day.
Mr. Craig

Stable and efficient stamping production line comes from the mold which Fujipunch well-designed for you !


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