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Now  we introduct our auto parts mold punch finishing DLC ,some country also said NEO-C coating.

Applications of DLC typically utilize the ability of the material to reduce abrasive wear.
Tooling components, such as endmills, drill bits, dies and moldsoften use DLC in this manner.
DLC is also used in the engines of modern supersport motorcycles, Formula 1 racecars, NASCAR vehicles,
and as a coating on hard-disk platters and hard-disk read heads to protect against head crashes.
Virtually all of the multi-bladed razors used for wet shaving have the edges coated with hydrogen-free DLC to reduce friction,
preventing abrasion of sensitive skin. It is also being used as a coating by some weapon manufacturers/custom gunsmiths.
Some forms have been certified in the EU for food service and find extensive uses in the high-speed actions involved in processing novelty foods such as “chips” and in guiding material flows in packaging foodstuffs with plastic wraps.
DLC coats the cutting edges of tools for the high-speed, dry shaping of difficult exposed surfaces of wood and aluminium,
for example on automobile dashboards.precision injection mold punch ,ultra- precision punch

The effect of substrate surface roughness on the wear behaviour of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings deposited on M42 tool steel substrate with composite interlayers has been investigated on a ball-on-disk wear rig in dry air. After deposition,
the surface roughness of the coating was approximately half of the original substrate surface roughness.
While the frictional behaviour was not apparently affected,
the wear rate of the coatings increased significantly with increase in the substrate surface roughness. 

Wear rate increased rapidly when the substrate surface roughness exceeded Ra 0.93 μm.
Above this substrate roughness, the dominant wear mechanism also changed from adhesion to chip/flake formation and fragmentation of the coatings.
Chipping/flaking of the coatings initially occurred mainly at the tops of asperities of the surface texture.
The Archard specific wear rate increased with increase in total load for coatings on the rough substrate surfaces;
however, this was almost invariant with increase in load for coatings on the smoother substrate surfaces,
nominally following the Archard’s wear law. Contact pressure distributions over the real area of contact between the ball
the rough coating surfaces have been analysed by applying the elastic foundation model of contact mechanics.
It has been shown that the contact pressures increase significantly with increase in surface roughness of the coatings.
Plastic yielding is highly possible in the coatings deposited on rough substrate surfaces above Ra 0.93 μm.
The observed apparent effect of surface roughness on wear and wear mechanism transitions of the DLC coatings can be explained according to the contact mechanics analysis results.

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