Over the years, with the development of China’s automobile manufacturing industry, China’s independent research and development and manufacture of automotive mold products need to have their own means of detection, the use of general tool measurement is not convenient, most are simply unable to measure, therefore,the auto checking gage industry occurs.So here we will have a brief introduction of auto checking fixture delivery and storage.

1.The experience of auto car checking gage delivery and storage

First of all, in the design process, should be carried out vehicle inspection design review, verification, design confirmation and so on, and then according to ISO9000 standard document management. If the design drawings need to be changed, they must pass the measurement department and the manufacturing department. Car inspection and inspection of qualified application of steel engraved on the number, the number and the relevant measurement size, issued a certificate of qualified and then sent to the car inspection storage warehouse, warehouse should pay attention to the appropriate temperature, drying and other environmental factors.

2. the shipment of auto car checking fixture

Shipping department in the pre-shipment, should immediately be measured by the measurement room to confirm, register, change the card, issued a certificate before use.The date of inspection, testing cycle and validity   should be marked on the test certificate,the length of the test cycle should be determined based on the use of frequency, the use of the environment, the measurement structure itself and so on.

3. car check the daily custody
Check the car from the warehouse, must be timely registration, recorded, and by hand management, strictly abide by the relevant system. If you find a car in the use of an abnormal or can not confirm, should promptly contact the vehicle inspection service providers to confirm the inspection. Users usually have to be responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of the vehicle inspection.

4.the recycling of vehicle inspection gage
The scrapping of the vehicle inspection gage shall be recognized by the measurement room and recovered to prevent the flow into the production site.
For some of the car inspection fixture with design complexity, manufacturing trouble and other factors,due to a few parts do not meet the requirements,or some by grinding can be re-users, in order to reduce waste, can be handled by professional and technical personnel with special treatment, or contact the supplier within the warranty period home maintenance.