Fujipunch Introduction:

Brand name: Fujipunch
English name: Fujipunch
Brand slogan: precision molds, safe and reliable, precision stamping, exquisite life!
The main products: deep drawing die and parts, deep drawing stamping processing
Brand Birthday: November 1, 2015

The origin of Fujipunch:

Fujipunch is a subsidiary of Kanou Precision Group Co., Ltd. Dongguan Kanou Auto Industry Co., Ltd. a deep drawing die brand!

First, the brand awareness began to bud.

Kanou Precision Group, after more than 10 years of development, in the field of precision machining and deep drawing die has accumulated a wealth of experience, but also won the customer’s good praise, which includes more than 20 Fortune 500 customers. But we know that to maintain the company’s future sustained and healthy development in order to provide customers with better products and services in order to all the staff of the material and spiritual aspects of happiness to lay the foundation, so the company’s leadership in the continuous solidification of quality assurance system and Management level, but also actively consider creating their own brand.

Second, from their own advantages and vision, positioning the car deep drawing die.

We believe that China has gradually grown into a world factory and a manufacturing power after the reform and opening up, but there is still a big gap from the manufacturing power. This gap is multifaceted, it is generally believed that the most prominent is the business environment, talent, raw materials, processing equipment, technology and so on. But we think the most important thing is to run the team’s business philosophy and the spirit of excellence craftsmen, if you have a focus on a field and vowed to help the human and social progress of the team, the difficulties mentioned above must only be temporary.

With the mother of industrial metaphor of the mold, is the starting point of exquisite industrial products, deep drawing die stamping die is the highest technical content of the type of work. In particular, China’s mold industry has been in a passive follow the 囧 territory. No good design, no high precision, no good material, no good parts!

Fuji Chong’s team originated in the first batch of Japanese deep drawing stamping factories invested in China in the 1990s. They started from the apprenticeship and got full exercise and growth in Japanese companies. They already had more than 20 years of deep drawing Stamping die design and processing experience. Among them, especially good at automotive electronics or oil spare parts such as deep drawing processing die. We can mold design, parts processing, mold assembly, stamping debugging, production and processing one-stop service.

Therefore, we and partners determined to deep drawing die as a starting point, with more than 20 years of industry experience in the industry, to build the automotive industry, the leading brand of deep drawing die.

Third, the brand’s vision to determine the brand name Fujipunch.

Starting from the beginning of 2005, deep drawing die has been Kanou precision export to the Japanese market’s main business. In the course of more than 10 years of growth, we have the Japanese customers in the production and processing technology, quality assurance system, business philosophy, and so all aspects of the help and guidance, can not be shy to say: Kanou precision teacher is a Japanese company The

In China, there is no shortage of industrial products manufacturing. However, high-precision high-quality industrial products or rely on imports or foreign-funded enterprises. Mr. Lv, founder of the company often have a word in the mouth: 50 years to adhere to the Japanese-made quality products in China.
We do not say that only the Japanese quality is the best in the world, but as a neighbor of the Japanese enterprises, the birth of countless industrial areas of hidden champion. Whether the electronics industry is also the electronics industry or precision equipment, many of the core components of the provider or everywhere in the Japanese business figure. We recognize the gap, it is possible to learn with an open mind, and then have the opportunity to progress. China needs manufacturing, but also need high-quality manufacturing.

As we all know, the term Fuji mainly comes from Japan’s Mount Fuji, which is one of the symbols of Japan. Many Japanese companies are in the name of Fuji, these enterprises are often “such as Mount Fuji as a symbol of Japan” or “in the land can see Fuji on the business” as the reason, the Mount Fuji used to name. And we have the name of the brand as Fuji Chong, on the one hand is to more than a decade has been to help and guide us to grow the tribute to Japanese customers, on the other hand is also hope that our deep drawing die like Japan’s Mount Fuji World-famous global brand.

Fourth, the definition of brand culture, a clear future direction of the brand.

Brand positioning: the automotive industry (automotive electronics, automotive oil, automotive sensors, etc.) deep drawing stamping processing.
Brand vision: to become the automotive industry deep drawing stamping processing and die of the leading brand!
Brand mission: to provide safe and reliable deep drawing molds and stamping parts for the automotive industry to contribute to the fine life of mankind.
Core values: respect for God, excellence