Fuji punch materials and process equipment is different.
Our carbide punch from Japan into Fujitsu superhard materials.
Our processing equipment is also used by the top Japanese imported equipment,
such as the tool used is the famous Japanese Nissin tools,
processing equipment for the production of ultra Toshiba precision vertical machining,
our process is to arrange the discharge or refuse all cut processing,
to ensure that no strong electrical processing on superhard materials,
also in the finish punch surface and edge of the industry all the way artificial

polished surface finish to achieve it, but we will put an end to the punch Fuji hand polishing,
directly from our high-end processing equipment and a good tool to complete,
so it will not because the artificial polishing surface of the product resulting in dimensional changes or poor production

New long-range high-speed reciprocating wheel lifts
Long stroke 155mm · speed reciprocating wheel 400 min-1 of the lift can be processed more workpieces
A combination of a variety of accessories to achieve a variety of form grinding
High precision, high rigidity spindle (TS-6)
Low speed and high output power shaft (6000min-1) appropriate specialized tools of large diameter grinding wheel
Press the workpiece can Accessories TC-20 (20000min-1)
Use mounted NC spindle tooling
Teach and the cutting edge 3-axis sensor combination makes screw tip tooling easily.
High-end processing equipment to ensure that every one punch Fuji meets your needs.
We hope that our intentions Fuji superhard processing out of the carbide punch and die powder metallurgy mould industry capable of precision molds for customers to create revenue. 

The pursuit of zero tolerance to help customers improve mold precision, increase the frequency of use,
reduce downtime and so improve customer FUJIPUNCH die life and membrane stamping mould punch is our unswerving pursuit of the noble mission.
We will continue to continue to adhere to the real material, quality and give customers peace of mind.

Fujipunch is only use Fujilloy imported from Japan as material, it is processed by Toshiba and YASDA and other nano-precision machining equipment.Through the precision mold punch to service safe and reliable component manufacturing for customers in the automotive industry, contribute to human exquisite life. And to become auto parts mold ultra-carbide punch benchmark brand.

Fujipunch,Genuine material