Stamping die is the necessary equipment during the stamping processing,it makes great significance for improving product quality, extending product life and improving production efficiency. However, due to the fact that frequent wear and tear will make the stamping die lose some working dimensions,it is difficult to meet the production demand. Therefore, to improve the service life of stamping die is critical, the following points will tell you how to improve the stamping die life.

1.the correct choice of stamping die material
Different stamping die materials have different strength, toughness and abrasion resistance. Under certain conditions, the use of advanced materials can improve the durability a lot. Therefore, in order to improve the durability of the stamping die,choose the high quality material is necessary.

2.improve the stamping die design
The basis to improve the durability of stamping die is whether the stamping die design is reasonable. Therefore, effective measures should be taken in the design of stamping die to improve the durability of it,such as the life of design small hole stamping die is often manifested in punching holes on the punch, the practice has proved that without affecting the quality of stamping parts , the appropriate amplification gap can greatly improve the durability of stamping die, and sometimes even increased several times and several times.

3.reasonable forging and heat treatment of stamping die parts
In choosing high quality stamping die at the same time,the reasonable forging and heat treatment for the different nature material is one of the main ways to improve the stamping die durability. for example, when quenching , if produce overheating when heated, will not only make the work piece brittle too much, and easy to cause deformation and cracking during cooling, lower the durability. Therefore, in the manufacture of stamping die, you must properly grasp the heat treatment process.

4. reasonable arrangement of stamping die manufacturing process and guarantee machining accuracy
The machining precision of stamping die had a great influence on durability of stamping die, therefore, below points must be given sufficient attention during processing:the pitch size,the verticality of the punch on the supporting surface of the fixed plate when mounting,the uniform spacing of stamping die ,guide and guide pillar precision grade etc.The higher of the manufacture and assembly accuracy,the higher grade of the working part surface roughness,the higher durability of stamping die.

5. the installation of stamping die protection device
Punch mold protection device is mainly for high-speed automatic stamping process abnormalities,such as product crushing, uneven thickness of the material,stamping parts overlap,scrap inside the mold and other difficult to visual inspection, by the detector automatically detect and timely downtime to protect the machinery and mold, prevent the die from being broken,effectively improve the product quality and stamping parts quality.

6. the rational use and maintenance of stamping die
In order to improve the stamping die durability, the operator must be reasonable to use and maintain the stamping die, the stamping die should be regularly repaired to prevent stamping die with abnormal working condition.

Above commonly methods,not only increase the service life of stamping die,reduce the cost of the mold production enterprises,but also ensure the quality of products and improve the production efficiency.