Industrial production must reply on the testing tool, the use of the auto fixture can control products of various sizes of simple tools, improve production efficiency and quality control in industrial production. In the same way, the car manufacturing also need testing tools, that’s automobile manufacturing checking fixture. So what’s the classification car fixture method for auto checking fixture?

1.Oil inspection: clean the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. With a clean brush, the whole outer surface of the pressing member is uniformly oiled in the same direction. Put the painted oil stamping parts in the glare of the inspection, it is recommended to press the vertical position in the body. This method can easily find fine stamping on the pitting, dent, corrugated.

2.Whetstone Grinds: First clean the exterior of the outer cover with a clean gauze and then polish it with an oilstone (20 × 20 × 100mm or larger), local and difficult to reach, and polished with a relatively small oilstone , The choice of Whetstone size depends on the appearance of the situation (such as roughness, galvanized, etc.). It is recommended to use fine-grained Whetstone. The direction of the polished stone is basically in the longitudinal direction, and the surface of the stamping part is well fitted, and some special places can also add the lateral grinding.

3.Contact inspection: clean the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. Inspectors need to wear contact gloves along the longitudinal stamping parts close to the stamping surface contact, this inspection method depends on the experience of inspectors. If necessary, it can be used to polish the detected suspicious areas and to be verified, but this approach is an effective way to quickly detect.

4The appearance of inspection: the measurement surface should not have rust, burrs, scratches and other significant impact on the appearance and impact of the use of quality defects: other surfaces should not have corrosion and cracks.

5.The flexibility of gauze grinding: with a clean gauze to cover the appearance of the external wipe clean. With a flexible sand net close to the appearance of the stamping parts along the longitudinal direction to the entire appearance, any pitting, indentation will be easily found.

The inspection method for the car gage is shared here today. The car gage is suitable for mass production. It can replace professional measuring tools such as smooth plug, thread plug, outer diameter card and so on. Can be act as an important role in the industry field.