When the company organized "Japan Tour" in May last year, i want to buy the glasses in Japan, it was seeking only attractions. Today accompanied with a friend of mine to go on optical shops. In addition to the clerk who entered the shop gentle smile of course, outside of the identification display was orderly glasses. A radiant male clerk came to greet us, "Welcome."

Staff: Hello Mrs! Glad to serve for you, in here you can try any one glasses, what kind of style you like. . . . . . ?
Me: I just looking. . . . .
Staff: Mrs, this piece of red glasses you choose is suitable for your complexion, rosy, just now this products is doing to promote, the price is very affordable.
I heared staff said, looked after the discount price including frame price, seems to be quite cost-effective.
Staff: Mrs, did you decide to this one? I'll give you measure the degree of myopia. If there are the lenses in stock, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes of production, you can wait in the shop or go somewhere else and then come back to pick it up.
Me: It’s not a very long time, I wait here.
Staff: Mrs, glasses prepared well, please try, it seems a little loose, I'll give you a little Adjustment.
Me: Yes, I need it to a little tight, as tight as possible because I hope that I can not find the shop to adjustment.
Staff: I slightly adjusted down, afraid you wear tight uncomfortable. If you wear during your discomfort can go live optical shop near the adjustments.
Me: do you have chains in Tokyo? (Optical shops in Nagano)
Staff: ~~ ah? In Japan, you can go to any optician all will be happy to serve for you like cleaning glasses or loosen the tightening, no one will refuse.
Me: oh, are you not just sale? Just be responsible for the glasses to sell, why their own making, Is it not enough manpower?
Staff: glasses sold is part of my job, each employee is required here greeting customers→ Sales → myopia measured→ check out →frame assembly → products debugging.

Perhaps it is not the same mode service, I remember every time I go Fuyong "Treasure Island glasses shop", it seems only the clerk responsible for sales, production and assembly of the whole by the technical instructors to complete. Last week to Tokyo Tamakawa factory to process plant parts, the operating staff to finished parts directly to me and tell me the size of drawings have been checked, very confidently said, "You can rest assured that use."While many people are still said I only can do XXX while controversial, others have learned to walk in front of a lot, when it comes to the economic downturn, unemployment must be "I cannot do any XXX people." So be sure to cherish now have to work in order to always have often ruminating so far and what can I do about it?