March 9, Tokyo morning under raining the temperature dropped to 12 degrees, I with our manager went to in Kanagawa "Muto Kogyo Co., Ltd.," the heat treatment plant to pick up products. we got off the train and crossed a river went to a nearby factory,there are many precision machinery factories, surface treatment, heat treatment plants, however the river is very clear so that people can see the sand under the river.

This product is need to do, part heat treatment", we check the 4 ~ 5 heat treatment plant which one are around the Shenzhen and Dongguan, the all plants need to change part to whole. Kodate san think it is invalid, he go directly to heat treatment plant to check with an experienced workers explained in detail. Finally the workers agreed to the challenge, but another difficult decision is the material S55C replaced to SKS3. But the designer does not accept changes to the material or can not change the overall heat treatment. This is why we find the japan treatment to do this products.


After picked up goods, enthusiastic manager of factory took us to visit the factory and introduce the factory detailed. There are 2 the highest metal heat treatment technician , there are 11 people are level 1 metal heat treatment technician, 2 people for metal heat treatment technician level 2. All the equipment on the first floor about 800 square meters. Vacuum, low vacuum, dip charcoal, compartmentalized, cryogenic treatment, high frequency, oil cooling, passivation, sandblasting, bath, shock, which are processed in factory. Only three people work during the day, five sales visited the customers all the day. Every day 5:00 pm the sales clerk to set the product into the heating furnace. 2 people from the night shift guard, cooling hardness was measured after 5:00 am out, the clerk and then send them back. Full operation of the entire heat treatment temperature management by a centralized computer system, the heating time to be alert. All customers the product's "heating temperature Report" permanent preservation, can be provided at any time


The products need to do the first use with Sanso ba バーナー silver solder gas pan, then 600 degrees tempering. Heat time by the surface color of the product is determined, Heat time is too short low hardness, heat deterioration of the product for too long, so this heat treatment need to accumulate a lot of experience. "Sanso ba バーナー" is a flammable gas, needed in Japan to obtain a recognized national certificate before you can use it for work.


Now many mainland manufacturers like to do simple and lucrative job, the gap will be greater and greater, the last surviving difficult. The courage to challenge new things, people or companies able to get a lot of opportunities.