Kanou precision gradually move towards to a more specialized industry areas after over 10 years steady development.From the initial precision equipment parts and components, jigs and fixtures, precision testing fixture processing, to now, we are only involved in the automotive industry related parts processing.The choice of the industry also from the initial electronics industry,automation equipment industry and medical industry etc. until now only involved in the automotive industry, we went this far as we have been experiencing a big industrial upgrading and innovation.Every change is also vital to us.

In January,2017,Kanou precision original Seiki Division set up a subsidiary of Kanou Auto Industry(Dongguan)Co.,Ltd.In March,Kanou joined Guangdong Automobile Industry Association,this has allowed us to move forward a big step in the automotive industry development one more time.

We have accumulated some processing experience in parts and components, and we have been moving forward in the automotive industry through some customer guidance, but we know that in order to make safe and reliable auto parts in the automotive industry, only reply on these,it is not enough, we also need to continue to learn the automotive industry’s high-tech knowledge. Guangdong Automotive Industry Association is such a platform that we can learn more and enhance ourselves.Under the help of the Association, we Kanou can learn the industry’s latest relevant information at first moment,grasp the industry policy and dynamic, participate in technical discussions and exchanges between clients and colleagues, sharing of resources, enhance the skills and management level of our company internal.

Join the provincial auto industry association is also significant for us . The automobile industry is one of the three pillar industries in Guangdong Province. It is also one of the important bases of the automobile industry in China. The platform brings together more than 830 automobile industry-related enterprises in Guangdong Province,including Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, Wuyang Honda motorcycle (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Parts Co., Ltd. and other world famous automobile manufacturers. These manufacturers are the ultimate use of auto parts manufacturers, so for us, we can not only get the relevant industry information for the first moment,but also more clearly understand our customer service requirements and standards.

With the exquisite processing technology, high-end processing equipment, will it be certainly produce good quality auto parts?

The answer is NO! As every industry have its standards,different industry have the different processing technology.

We remembered that when we first to produce the auto parts for HONDA,we didn’t know the industry standard,and process the parts with the general machining products processing requirements,then many problems occurs in the early stage,and receive the customers’ complaints ,not to mention the proposal for the clients!Join the Auto Industry Association,we can know and learn these information in the shortest time.And update our internal technical capabilities continuously.

Automotive equipment mechanical spare parts,deep drawing mold for auto spare parts and auto checking fixture are our business direction,these business positioning are the auto industry brought to us.We gradually understand our industry goals and the efforts direction after learning in the auto industry.

Automotive parts of the mechanical parts processing, we keep the guideline of “safe and reliable, 10 days reach to our clients side”.

auto parts of the deep drawing mold, we need to keep the line of “stable and efficient stamping production”;

auto checking fixture by doing with “high quality and cost-effective “.

These needs are the problems that the industry need to solve.Under the leadership of the industry,Kanou will go to a higher standard of the automotive field,continuing to optimize our products,Creating more benefits for our clients!

We have many years business cooperation with Japanese companies, including more than 20 of the world’s top 500 customers, with their help, we have accumulated a wealth of experience for Japanese companies processing technology quality assurance system and gotten their approval.To now we can become the member of the Auto Association,which has more enriched our expertise, there is no doubt that it has provided a strong guarantee for us to supply more professional services to our customers,will also lead us on the road to the automotive industry farther and farther.