A few days before, I received an inquiry. Our customer find our salesperson Maggie, who is one of the members of our FUJIPUNCH team. At first, he just consult us the information about Fujilloy. Wince we have been using the Fuji material for a long time, we soon replied the customer with detailed information on the speciality and the application of the material. It is because the inquiry of our customer that we began to realize the importance of using Fujilloy. Now let’s look at the details for your reference.

As for the Fujilloy itself, it is just one of the thousand kinds of Tungsten steel materials. Why the customer only choose Fuji material? We soon learned that the punch customer used is a stamping forming punch. A round bar of D4 is stamped into the shape of the product and the stamping machine is 35T. The service life of this punch is 8 million times. At first, the mold of our customer is imported from Japan and those requirements can be reached quite well. But as the increase of the production quantity, this guest began to try to make those molds in domestic China, but problems follow close on another. The customer also find one mold factory that suggest him to use Japan imported material, he was very happy because it is very seldom that a supplier can have such quality awareness carbide punch. So they soon reached agreements and after one month of waiting, the punch was put to use, but before long, the punch began to wear out only after about 5 million times of use. At last, they find out that the material they bought is just a Japanese mark, but they are not clear where exactly the material come from. So although the mark is Japanese, but the quality is not so good as the Japan imported material.  After many ways of asking, the customer learned that FUJILLOY is also one of the companies who manufacturer super-hard alloy, and no Chinese manufacturers can make Ferrite. So he began to inquire about the agent manufacturers of Fujilloy. He found some material agents, but those agents also sell other kinds of material and the truth of the Fujilloy can’t be guaranteed, either. At last, He found our Fujipunch!

This is what we can do for you. First, we will not make money by selling the material. We only use one material, that is Fujilloy. Our material will not mix and wronged with each other. We import the material directly from Japan. We offer factory records of the material and guarantee that all the material are 100% true.

So you find us and you find the true Japanese tungsten steel material. True material make the good punch. We try our best to offer you comfortable service.

FUJIPUNCH ™ is China excellent of super-hard punch. Fujipunch is only use Fujilloy imported from Japan as material, it is processed by Toshiba and YASDA and other nano-precision machining equipment, using Japan’s NS tools , 100% inspection by the German TAYLOR contourgraph. We are committed to providing nanometer-level precision punches to China super-hard high precision mold industry, to help customers improve mold precision and service life, to jointly promote the development of China Precision Machining.
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