As we all know, checking fixture is one of the key tools for the auto parts inspection and quality assurance proceed. Especially for the auto fine parts with complicated shape,it’s more necessary to use checking fixture for a quality assurance. Most of the time, the checking fixture need to be prepared well before the auto die finished. Because in the test phase, there be sensory errors definitely if it’s only rely on personnel to check,the mold debugging also will be affected. If you use the auto checking fixture, then the basic error can be reduced to a minimum.

Due to the different products and application,there are many different type of checking fixture.The design and processing for the checking fixture need to be commissioned to the processional enterprise according to the actual application.

Professional auto checking fixture company, will require the client to provide some of the necessary information in order to offer, as well as the subsequent design and processing. Such as the 3D map of the auto parts,the on-site inspection environment, the requirements of the checking fixture & gage and the cost of budget etc.

Professional auto gage inspection company usually need 3 days in the design stage, but it need 10~15 days in the negotiations of the specifications and the program confirm with the customers. After the formal processing started, depending on the inspection of the ease with the rule, the general parts processing also needs about 20 days. Group assembly requires 3 to 5 days, if you need to send to a third party for testing, 5 to 7 days more need to be reserved. Then calculated all, general to complete a set of auto checking fixture will take 50 to 70 days (the program can be shortened if with fast program determination)

If the customer determined to use the checking fixture,we suggest to place order earlier.As then we will have enough time to discuss the program with the checking fixture company.Once the decision has been made,it is possible to ensure that the auto checking fixture is seized before the new project mold is completed. Then it won’t affect the progress of the entire new project, in fact, it’s also a cost savings.