Slogan: Fujipunch, Authentic materials
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Vision: to be No.1 carbide punch in China

2:Our Advantage

Fujilloy + NS tool + Ultra precision vertical machine + no discharge machining + eliminate hand polishing 
Realization of cemented carbide punch’s precision to Nanoscale level.
Surface roughness (Rz) 0.51um ~ 1.04um

1:The just only onecarbide punch manufacturer imported from Japan Fujilloyin the world.
Japan imported , authentic material.
Focus on management, stickto integrity.

2:Nano-precision processing equipmentimported from Japan
Toshiba UVM-450 (V2)
Japan Matsuura LV-500
Japan YASDA YMC-430

3:Nano-sophisticated inspection equipment
Germany TAYLOR 1/10000Contourgraph
Global National Laboratory the equipment.

4:Our just only focusedo carbide punch
Focused, just do a punch
Extreme, try our best to supplier good quality and service
Reputation, customer’s trust is more important than profit
Fast, small teams of experts to quickly produce large system

5:Eliminate wire-cut electrical discharge and other strong EDM
Keep the carbide organization arrangement
Eliminate minor dischargecracks
Improve the product service life

6:The real ultra-precision machining environment
Dust-free plant
Paperless production plant
McDonald's kitchen floor 

FUJIPUNCH™ is China's first brand of carbide punch. Fujipunch is only use Fujilloy imported from Japan as material, it is processed by Toshiba and YASDA and other nano-precision machining equipment, using Japan's NS tools , 100% inspection by the German TAYLOR contourgraph. We are committed to providing nanometer-level precision punches to China super-hard high precision mold industry, to help customers improve mold precision and service life, to jointly promote the development of China Precision Machining.

Fujipunch,Genuine material

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