In 2005
in order to help Japanese companies in China successfully achieve precision parts modern procurement, 
Kanou precision began the arduous journey as an entrepreneur in Shenzhen. We used KANOU as the company name, 
not only to show confidence to the customers. 
It is a constant reminder to all members of Kanou to do our utmost to change impossible become possible!

In 2007 
Kanou Precision (Hong Kong) Limited was found, 
Kanou with the Dong Guan Jin Ri moulds Limited entered into a strategic alliance, 
We began to service automobile assembly production equipment, automation equipment, 
semiconductor equipment, electrical and electronic equipment and other industries to provide more variety, 
small quantity precision mechanical parts.

In 2009,
KANOU (Shenzhen) to meet customer-owned enterprises from the processing enterprises to changing development needs, 
we become the general taxpayer enterprises, and also get the approval of import and export business.

In 2011 
Kanou formally established the Optoelectronics Division. 
Set up a professional team to provide customers with Corning Gorilla Glass touch screen as the raw material cover glass, 
formal business targeted to industrial touch screen industry.

In December 2013 
KANOU CORP. (Japan) was established, to make the service delivery mechanisms come true in Japan, 
so that we lay the foundation for further cooperation with Japanese customers.

In July 2014
Kanou with the for-well (Hong Kong) jointly funded the establishment of carbide punch processing plant, 
jointly launched FUJIPUNCH independent brand. 
It is committed to providing nanometer precision Ferrite carbide punch to ultra-precision molds customers.

In April 2015
we determined to set up Kanou offices in Korea, 
hope that we can contribute to the development of Korean customers through our products and services. 
At the same time, we will actively cooperate with Korea SMEs, then ship their excellent product to Japan and China.

Now KANOU Group has been basically completed system and architecture of modern enterprise management, 
it’s a young, energetic and capable professional team. 
We will continue to focus on the auto parts manufacturing equipment, precision molds, 
touch screen glass cover processing areas. To make all the employees happy both materially and spiritually, 
Creating benefits for customers, contribute to the development of human progress.


FUJIPUNCH™ is China excellent of carbide punch. Fujipunch is only use Fujilloy imported from Japan as material, it is processed by Toshiba and YASDA and other nano-precision machining equipment, using Japan's NS tools , 100% inspection by the German TAYLOR contourgraph. We are committed to providing nanometer-level precision punches to China super-hard high precision mold industry, to help customers improve mold precision and service life, to jointly promote the development of China Precision Machining.
Fujipunch,Genuine  material
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