Nov. 11th is now a worldwide shopping carnival after Ma had found the business chance from a national single day. On this crazy and happy day this year, we also gain a “crazy” German customer. Searching for precision machining parts manufacturers on Google, this customer find us and sent an inquiry of small quantity drawings to us. He especially asked us if we had the experience of cooperating with Germans. We came to understand that the customer has a strong sense of quality and credibility. Since we have cooperated with several Germany customers, we are quite confident with this opportunity. During the mutual communication, the background of Japanese management and quality awareness of our company add more reassurance to this customer. Less than one hour after the quotation, the customer immediately sent the third message which says the price is OK and let us offer him the payment and payment terms. This is really a great surprise for me. But many years’ working experience just made me more calm and rational. I told our customer the payment terms and other details. To my surprise again, he sent me the bank transfer list with all our money payed, together with the handling charge. In the follow-up communication we learned from customers that he can clearly feel our sincere and credibility, so he had nothing to worry about. And our effort also shortened the delivery time from 10 days to 7days, the customer gave us a big praise and affirmation email after receiving all the goods.

Soon after the first batch of production, the customer sent a new inquiry. Until now, Our impression in the minds of customers is fast delivery, good quality, there are only seven days of production time and 65 products need to be shipped to Germany. On receiving the requirements, we immediately hold a team meeting to discuss the processing, quality, technology and express ways. After careful evaluation we give a positive reply to our customer that we can do it. This time, he payed three times more advance money to us. Just as what he said, there will be many chances for us to cooperate with each other. So the money is just for preparation. Colleagues all say that the I have got a good customer, but look back to the communication process with customer, there is actually a “causal loop” rule. We always believe the management principle that products reflect characters and insist on the quality requirement of customer-focused, full participation and continuous improvement, and thus we can win the trust of customers and so as to get a win-win fruit..