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Advanced inspection machine imported from Germany, Japan,the United States and other foreign countries!precision accuracy can be confirmed to 0.0005mm!

Testing Machine

Poli CMM WENZEL Xorbit55

Mahr Form Tester

Video measuring instrument(2.5dimension)

Altimeter and Profile Projector

Profile Projector and Dial Indicator


Borematic Holtest,Outside Micrometer,High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer,Pin Gauge,Dial Caliper,Microscope,Block Gauge and so on!

Testing Machine List

Model Made In Units Accuracy Capacity
Poli CMM WENZEL Xorbit55 Germany 1 ±0.001 500x1000x500
Mahr Form Tester  MMQ10 Germany 1 0.07+0.001 200x200x50
Video measuring instrument(2.5dimension) Taiwa 3 ±0.005 420x300x300
Altimeter(Mitutoyo) Japan 1 ±0.001 high:600
Altimeter(TESA) Swiss 1 ±0.001 high:600
Profile Projector Taiwa 2 ±0.002 50x100x50
Dial Indicator(Nikon) Japan 2 ±0.001 0mm-50mm
Borematic Holtest(Mitutoyo) Japan 2 ±0.001 0mm-75mm
Outside Micrometer(Mitutoyo) Japan 4 ±0.001 0mm-100mm
High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer(Mitutoyo) Japan 1 ±0.0005 0mm-25mm

Qualification Certificate

Quality Control:

ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification , first-class quality management philosophy, high-quality professional -quality management team , high-precision testing equipments, all are the strong guarantee for the quality of Kanou Precision !


We 100% promise that if our products shipped to you are NG ,we will  return  new ones to you at the first time after confirmation . If you have a refund request , please contact our customer service staff , they will give you further services.


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