Last week our expand team have a meeting about pricing, the customer V is just found us from the website; they are Japanese companies, we know that they are quite well known in the automotive industry, is providing precision fixture and ultra-precision components as Toyota, it is our prospective customers from the market positioning is concerned, so we are very excited.
We all know that the automotive industry needs spare parts zero inventory, so fast delivery is crucial, but also the customers evaluate the primary indicators of supplier, we have 10 years of experience in providing precision parts for the Japanese market precipitation, so Customers we must win, the 12 drawings will be a stepping for us. Therefore, we must make good use of this opportunity. Of course, we are full of action to offer!

the most material of 12 drawings is S45C, the dimensional accuracy of 0.01, appearance requirements no scratches, no hit marks, the overall appearance of precision non-standard parts. We took the cost of accounting departments, each drawing are all audits, quality, colleague technical drawings confirm the technical requirements of each point once again to analyze the customer’s intended use; sale understand the customer’s background, the status quo, the current customer pain points, and the reasons why the procurement in China; Based on these circumstances, we have adopted a reasonable profit price quotations to customers, but we also do two hands prepare for customer, new customers first case, we might as well Some doubts about our quality, technology and some worry, our team agreed that the most difficult to pick a product to a customer proofing, so that customers really feel about the quality of our processed products, to give more confident for customer.
Through this team quote, We are improved ourselves, both offensive and defensive, before we just focus on the case at the time of the meeting, and now we consider the potential behind the case, ask the customer question, through solve the customer’s problem. We offer fierce ideological collisions throughout the meeting, holding a very strong desire to do anything to get this customer’s order