These two days, I have been in Japan, negotiating difficultly with our Japanese guests. The reason why I say it is difficult is that we will face with “blooding” situation so long as we nod our head. Since we have no profits after we changed our business to GelivableTM AG glass. Lately the exchange rate depreciation of RMB also lead to the increasing cost of AG glass imported from America. Although the depreciation of RMB is beneficial for us to export, the imported material also add our cost. The problem of exchange rate has become a double-sided sword.

To be honestly, I was really struggled in face with the requirements given by our customers that no price should be rise. For them, the AG glass they present use is not as good as GelivableTM, but the problems are not fatal. If the price do not change and the quality can be better, they would be very happy to accept it. But now the cost is higher than before, they have no intention to change material. But for us, go on to use AG glass made in mainland have no benefits, either. Because the quality problem has counteracted with the profits. Which also is not beneficial for us to expand our GelivableTM  AG brand. After all, we hope our customers can use our GelivableTM glass and then improve our market share.


he multiple-choice question in front of me is not so easy, but I believe that solutions is more than questions. After the national holiday, the GelivableTM team still need to rack their brains to find a way and try to get help from our third-party manufacturers so that we can pull through this difficult period. Here I remember some sentences said by Kazuo Inamori and I would like to share it with you for mutual encouragement:

When you think it is the end, it is actually the start.

When suffering from failures and difficulties, we should not blame and complaint others, we should not lose our heart and be discouraged. What we should do is to stand the test and persist on our efforts to accumulate experience little by little. And in the end, the adverse situation can be changed into favorable situation.

When you are lucky and successful, neither conceited nor rash. Holding sincere heart of appreciation and still persist on making efforts, so that the success can stay with you for long. Whether sufferings or successful is test for us!

Even your work was drove into the hopeless situation where you seems have no choice but give up. You have to hold on the idea that it is not the end but the beginning. You just need to start from here and go into the battle with stronger will and more blazing passion.