“Seeing is believing” this is a lot of people agree with the view,
which is responsible for themselves judgments prerequisite.
In particular purchase staff, as the company representatives to bring out parts,
each order issued for payment of a sum of money each will need to be careful judgment.
So, we are very understanding of customer motivations to visit Fuji punch factory.

The problem is the establishment of Fuji punch factory,
we conscientiously considered and also weigh the many opinions,
at last we decided not to open for guests to visit our factory.
Perhaps  some customers think this decision is unreasonable:
to open the door to do business, how can you not want to people who purchase order to see it?
But we do have our own “difficulties”, now for all customers, hoping to get your understanding and support.

First, Fujipunch did not go unusual way .
We decided to create a brand of Fuji punch and take a different path with the colleagues.
We only use tungsten steel Fujilloy, with Japan’s high-end equipment and tools,
determination only genuine material for the production of ultra-precision punch.
Thus, the purchase of equipment and tool manufacturers have requested special order,
which is what we pay a lot of money and time to exchange of property, we need to protect them.

Second, Fuji punch only do high-end products
The pursuit of high-precision punch client without exception are engaged in high-end products customers,
they value the product price, Fuji punch needed to achieve higher part accuracy and service life.
At the same time, these punches are for custom-made processing,
we have the responsibility and obligation to protect the intellectual property of customers,
not only to observe compliance with the confidentiality agreements with customers,
but also for more punch Fuji pursue long-term brand values.

Third, Fuji punch mission is to help mold industry development
In order to produce different punches so that build factories,
Fuji punch want to participate in the progress and development of the mold industry.
Although the development of the mold industry rapidly,
but on the basis of materials and workmanship is not profound depth study of enterprise,
adhere to the punch to achieve the ultimate business is less and less.
Some supplier in order to compete in order, cut corners and shoddy phenomenon still occurred frequently.
So, we start from the source special management,
we strict selection of high-end materials and purchase of sophisticated machining equipment,
we also develop ourselves skilled workers.We are hoping to get maximum protection these.

Our Shenzhen and Japan office will try our best to meet Fuji punches business customers’ demand,
we also will be possible to answer all related questions,
whether material or processing or testing we can face to face communication.
The customers can not visit the factory is not for a small part of the customer,
it is also not yet official trading for customers,
as some factories there are a limit to see the plant,
we believe Fuji punch is more convincing than watching the workshop.
If because of you cannot visit our factory so that both of us would be no possibility of cooperation,
it’s regret to said sorry, we cannot provide products and services for you, this will be our loss.
I wish you everything goes well.

Fujipunch is only use Fujilloy imported from Japan as material, it is processed by Toshiba and YASDA and other nano-precision machining equipment.Through the precision mold punch to service safe and reliable component manufacturing for customers in the automotive industry, contribute to human exquisite life. And to become auto parts mold ultra-carbide punch benchmark brand.

Fujipunch,Genuine material