As a sales we’re always thinking why the clients don’t place the order to us?How could they place the order to us ? We did so much for them,did they know that ?

Fujipunch main products are as below:high precision mould parts,checking fixture&gauge,tungsten steel punch,deep drawing mold etc.

Our products are mainly exported to the Europe and the united states,one of our clients is from German,we call A18,it has been our VIP client for several month.Why did A18 can keep that record? Let’s share with you.

Due to the time difference, every time A18 give me inquiry,it’s time to get off work, but this time it’s different. .It’s so late in the client’s side,but he still working with us to confirm the delivery time, and send the E-mail to our team member to double check the production time.The E-mail is short,only several words: delivery time,delivery time, clearly expressed the urgency of delivery, hoping we can help him. So for the customer’s emergency, we opened a internal team meeting.

We found that 10 pcs 3D drawing, the main difference is the internal R degree.The tolerance are written in the mail,thickness is 1 mm, outside diameter and inside diameter tolerance requirements must be 95mm.So it should be processed with slow walking wire cutting and grind the thickness, after walking wire cutting shape, cut hole, regrinding, the deformation is very large, and easy to scrap.The correction time is long, but client need to receive the products in very short time,hoping we can send the parts to them as soon as possible. On 15th,we received the inquiry and replied in the same day.It needs one day to convert the 3D, the processing time needs about 7 days, according to the process schedule,we can’t meet the delivery time.

He continued to communicate with us in the online whatsapp, hope we can effect shipment in 18th, it is a big challenge for us as we only have three days.For the auto stamping die machining parts, simple products, period are generally four to five days or a week, if need the heat treatment,the delivery time is longer.

10 parts as large diameter, first we need to confirm whether can directly buy 1 mm thickness of light material, directly overlap processing the two locating holes walking wire cut out, and then a a processing 6.4 hole, inner diameter is different, can be used in wire cut out, to buy the raw materials, and then 10 product processing together, expected processing time need only 2 days, buy 0.5 days, can go out to the customer, so 17, can also than the original customer request delivery date one day in advance.

Just do it, we communicate with suppliers,confirm above processing method, send the orders in a timely manner. Internal check the goods in time, packaged goods, and ultimately one day ahead of schedule to delivery to the customer, customer send thank-you email immediately after receiving the parts.

Through the above examples, we all know the reason: take the customer as the center, care about the customer’s emergency, racking the brains for clients to solve the problem, earning the trust of customers, step by step to closer the relations with customers, so the client will give you order in a certain rules.