Mould Design

Our design team has more than 20-year Japanese-funded enterprises metal stamping die experience!

Mould Machining

The standard  mould parts only use the famous brand of Misumi, we processing by our plant for non-standard parts!

Mould Assembly/Debugging

Engineer team is with 15 years experience in Japanese mold processing and assembly debugging!

If you are looking for a mold manufacturer who can reduce the frequency of maintenance and improve the stability of stamping,please contact with us!

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Precision slow-feeding wire cutting

Japan mitsubishi mirror EDM

 Three-dimension measuring instrument


Toshiba UVM high speed CNC

Deep drawing mould

Deep drawing mold parts

 Deep drawing die

Carbide punch and die

Why Choose FUJIPUNCH To Do Mould?

just with three minutes telling you how to order the high quality stamping mold

A Journey Inside of the stamping mold full process including design,machining,assembly and debugging

Auto Parts Moulds

1:Our design team has more than 20-years Japanese-funded enterprises metal stamping die experience.

2:Especially professional in automotive electronics or oil and so on deep stretching die.

3:All services for design, processing, assembly and commissioning.

4:We are focus on Japan market about 10 yeas ,and familiar with the customers requirement and mold is standard.

5:Engineer team is with 15 years experience in Japanese mold processing and assembly debugging.

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2103, 2017

How to improve the service life of stamping die?

Stamping die is the necessary equipment during the stamping processing,it makes great significance for improving product quality, extending product life and improving production efficiency. However, due to the fact that frequent wear and tear will [...]

2302, 2017

Deep drawing die engineer tell you what’s the thinning drawing?

Thinning drawing is a normal processing in the drawing process. It’s generally used to make the work piece with uneven wall and bottom thickness and the high height ,such as high pressure vessels, autoclaves, etc., [...]

811, 2016

The practicability of deep drawing mold

We all know that the application of deep drawing mold is extensive,can be applied to all walks of life.This article will not repeat saying. Let's talk about the extension application of deep drawing mold. Why [...]

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1306, 2017

CNC machining process and its in mold Processing applications

CNC (CNC machine) is a short for Computer number control, is a program control system with automatic machine tools. The control system can logically process a program with control codes or other symbolic instructions and [...]

103, 2017

Why the auto checking fixture order need to be placed earlier ?

众所周知,检查夹具是进行汽车零件检查和质量保证的关键工具之一。特别是对于复杂形状的汽车精密零件,更需要使用检查夹具进行质量保证。大多数时候,检查夹具需要在汽车模具完成之前准备好。因为在测试阶段,肯定会有感官错误,如果只依靠人员检查,模具调试也会受到影响。如果您使用自动检测夹具,则可将基本错误降至最低。 由于不同的产品和应用,有许多不同类型的检查夹具。检查夹具的设计和加工需要根据实际应用委托给加工企业。 专业自动检测夹具公司,将要求客户提供一些必要的信息,以提供以及随后的设计和加工。如汽车零部件的3D地图,现场检查环境,检查夹具的要求和预算成本等。 专业自动量具检测公司通常在设计阶段需要3天,但在规范谈判中需要10〜15天,程序与客户确认。正式处理开始后,根据检查方便的规定,一般零件加工也需要约20天。团体装配需要3至5天,如果您需要发送给第三方进行测试,则需要保留5到7天。然后计算全部,一般完成一套自动检查夹具将需要50到70天(如果快速程序确定,程序可以缩短) 如果客户决定使用检查夹具,我们建议提前下订单。因此,我们将有足够的时间与检测夹具公司讨论该程序。一旦作出决定,就可以确保自动检查在新项目模具完成之前,夹具被扣押。那么这不会影响整个新项目的进度,其实也是节省成本的。

2911, 2016

Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this winter!

Two years ago i was in out training,there was a teacher shared one saying:Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this touched me so much.She said winter is the best time to plan [...]

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