Mould Design

Our design team has more than 20-year Japanese-funded enterprises metal stamping die experience!

Mould Machining

The standard  mould parts only use the famous brand of Misumi, we processing by our plant for non-standard parts!

Mould Assembly/Debugging

Engineer team is with 15 years experience in Japanese mold processing and assembly debugging!

If you are looking for a mold manufacturer who can reduce the frequency of maintenance and improve the stability of stamping,please contact with us!

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Precision slow-feeding wire cutting

Japan mitsubishi mirror EDM

 Three-dimension measuring instrument


Toshiba UVM high speed CNC

Deep drawing mould

Deep drawing mold parts

 Deep drawing die

Carbide punch and die

Auto door checking fixture

Auto door pillar checking fixture

Auto engine cover checking fixture


Auto coil cover checking fixture

Why Choose FUJIPUNCH To Do Mould?

just with three minutes telling you how to order the high quality stamping mold

A Journey Inside of the stamping mold full process including design,machining,assembly and debugging

Auto Parts Moulds

1:Our design team has more than 20-years Japanese-funded enterprises metal stamping die experience.

2:Especially professional in automotive electronics or oil and so on deep stretching die.

3:All services for design, processing, assembly and commissioning.

4:We are focus on Japan market about 10 yeas ,and familiar with the customers requirement and mold is standard.

5:Engineer team is with 15 years experience in Japanese mold processing and assembly debugging.

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811, 2016

The practicability of deep drawing mold

We all know that the application of deep drawing mold is extensive,can be applied to all walks of life.This article will not repeat saying. Let's talk about the extension application of deep drawing mold. Why [...]

1208, 2016

Deep Drawing production

A ferrite is usually described by the formula M(FexOy), where M represents any metal that forms divalent bonds, such as any of the elements mentioned earlier. Nickel ferrite, for instance, is NiFe2O4,and manganese  auto parts [...]

611, 2015

dysmorphism “L” and “I” cairbide punch and die

Kanou fujipunch is dedicated to supplying the topest quality, tight tolerance mold products for the industry utility and become a key Chinese  mould company and tooling maker for excellent performance and good quality mold tooling. We well [...]

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2911, 2016

Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this winter!

Two years ago i was in out training,there was a teacher shared one saying:Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this touched me so much.She said winter is the best time to plan [...]

2511, 2016

We have different processing method,which one do you want to choose,my dear guest officer?

The fate with this client co this guest officer from the internet at the beginning of 2012.At that time he semes from last year, here let’s call the customer for guest officer, we knownt us [...]

311, 2016

You dare to promise delivery time within 7 days? We made it within 3 days!

As a sales we’re always thinking why the clients don’t place the order to us?How could they place the order to us ? We did so much for them,did they know that ? Fujipunch main [...]

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